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e rebels early April, the government made several moves to▓ alleviate the suffering of the people who have been largely affected by the war there.A mobile oven has been sent to Douma with a daily production capacity of five tons of bread to meet the dem▓ands of the people there.On Saturday, a government-backed shopping festival kicked off in Douma with the participation of more than 40 companies.The aim of the shopping festival is to offer a variety of foodstuff and other

products for the people there at low prices, as part of the efforts ▓to revive Douma and other recently-taken a▓reas in Eastern Ghouta.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease▓ scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatBe fres

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rst image that pops up ▓in your mind may be green plants.As ▓every living thing is entering a new cycle of life from▓ this season, we also need to prepare well for the rest of the 300 days.To have a fitter body and a healthier look to meet challenges, some herbs could bring▓ delightful surprises.Let's say, pepper▓mint, a magical plant that has been used for such a long ti▓me in human history.Its icy freshness h▓as graced our desserts, meat, soup, tea and toothpaste.And a hue from the herb, mint green is one of the tren▓dy colors for this year.Here are some fresh mi▓nt-inspired things that you can enjoy.Mint teaMint tea can soothe both digestive and ne▓rve system. The fresh leaves can go with rose petals, ice cubes and mineral water to make a fresh cold drink to accompany salad.You can▓ also dry the herb and make hot green tea wit▓h it. Honey ca

n be added to enhance the taste.Th▓e water temperature should not be too h▓igh; otherwise the color of the plant would be spoiled.Mint dessertMi

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ngs the icy scent of the herb to a new ▓level. It is often not as sweet as other flavors, wh▓ich is a better choice for people who are not very fond of desserts.There are also ▓mint flavored macaron and chocolate to give you a comb▓ination of freshness and sweetness.Mint and peas soupThe soup based on mint and peas can provide a lot▓ of nutrition. First, stirfry potato cubes and garlic with butter. When the potato becomes soft, add peas, mint, sea salt ▓and black pepper, and stew for about 20 minutes. You ca▓n add some chopped mint leaves and ground black p▓epper in the soup to enhance the flavor.Mint green wardrobeThe mint green and white strip dress wore by Princess Diana on April 16, 1993, is still a statement-making look.From ru

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nway to▓ high street, the hue, along with other ice creams c▓olors, are this spring and summer's highlights.As the color would make the wearer paler, one▓ way is to pair it with other bright shades. It also looks well with metal hues, such as▓ silver and metal green.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code▓ to follow us on WechatXi's war on pover▓tyChina Headlines: Xi's war on povertyXi's war on poverty02-25-2017 10:19 BJTBEIJING, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- As the president of the most populous nation on the ▓planet, poverty has never been an issue Xi Jinping could take lightly.In his four years leading China, Xi, 63, has visited more than 30 impoverished villages and townships, sharing his rich experience in poverty-eradication work and putting himself on the front lines of the war on poverty.Looking back, it has be

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en clear that Xi's deep understanding of and focus on the poor has developed throughout his political career, ▓as he rose from being a young man working at a remote village in the northwestern▓ province of Shaanxi, to China's top job.He has▓ often spoken of his first-hand experience living in poverty, and shared his ideas and insi▓ghts on how to deal with it. For example▓, he said that relocation was an important appr▓oach in fighting poverty and highlighted the role of ecological compensation, which would help improve the environment and boost incomes.Last mont▓h during an inspection tour in northern Hebei Province, the president said fighting poverty was the fundamental task for building a moderately prosperous▓ society.China has set

is food, which has started ent ering Douma at pri ces supported by the government,▓ con trary to the rebel times when the mili▓ta nts used to stockpil e food in th eir warehouses whi le▓ giving so little to the peopl e at high pr ices.During a visit for Xinhua and  other media outlets t o Douma on S unday, people we re lined up to rec 文昌市5G 瓮安县5G 鸡东县wap 宁都县wap 孟津县5G 绥中县wap 蔚县wap 环江毛南族自治县5G 高淳县5G 清丰县wap 池州市5G 厦门市wap 正阳县wap 仙桃市5G 冠县wap 济阳县5G 察哈尔右翼后旗5G 宜黄县wap 博白县wap 泸溪县wap 手机能玩的传奇私服 传奇私服网站发布网中变 新开传奇私服网站1.96 开个传奇私服要多少钱 传奇私服英雄合击发布网 传奇私服1.80合计版本 冰雪公益版传奇私服 传奇私服脚本教程 传奇私服1.70复古版 传奇私服外挂免费版